Char Heckaman

USA-August 2021

A friend recommended Karla to me, at first I was a little intimidated to try the live on line learning format.  I started with semi private lessons with Karla and one friend via Skype.  Within no time the lessons became the highlight of my week!  Karla challenged both of us, yet recognized our individual needs and levels.  The lessons are fun and interesting, and I love learning about the culture and customs of Costa Rica.  The conversations are fun and we even did an on line cooking class.  Later I started taking private weekly lessons and I have really seen an improvement in my speech and comprehension.  Karla is very patient and does a great job of designing the lessons to your level of learning and to the topics that interest each individual.  She has great computer and technical skills and has a lot of excellent resources at her fingertips.  The book that Karla has written is very well organized and is a great way to work through lessons each week.  I hope to visit Costa Rica someday, and a visit with Karla at the Colibri School will be the first stop on my list!

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