Corinne Speckien

USA - November 2021

Karla is a wonderful Spanish teacher. She makes class fun and interesting. We cook, sing songs and make crafts all in Español. She has incorporated Costa Rican culture into daily learning and practical knowledge to function every day in society. I would recommend her to anybody that wants to learn Spanish well.


E. Ann Martens.

Canada-August 2021

I have been studying Spanish with Karla quite intensively for the last three months. I am enjoying the variety of activities that Karla uses to make learning Spanish fun and motivating.  Who doesn’t want to learn how to make ice-cream in Spanish?   I also appreciate that she includes important phrases, vocabulary and cultural knowledge specific to Costa Rica, as my goal is to do volunteer work in the Southern Pacific Zone. Karla is an extremely organized, and dedicated teacher and she has developed great resources to supplement the classes.  Just as important, she is a kind, funny, and caring person.  I feel fortunate to have met her in my quest to learn Spanish.


Char Heckaman

USA-August 2021

A friend recommended Karla to me, at first I was a little intimidated to try the live on line learning format.  I started with semi private lessons with Karla and one friend via Skype.  Within no time the lessons became the highlight of my week!  Karla challenged both of us, yet recognized our individual needs and levels.  The lessons are fun and interesting, and I love learning about the culture and customs of Costa Rica.  The conversations are fun and we even did an on line cooking class.  Later I started taking private weekly lessons and I have really seen an improvement in my speech and comprehension.  Karla is very patient and does a great job of designing the lessons to your level of learning and to the topics that interest each individual.  She has great computer and technical skills and has a lot of excellent resources at her fingertips.  The book that Karla has written is very well organized and is a great way to work through lessons each week.  I hope to visit Costa Rica someday, and a visit with Karla at the Colibri School will be the first stop on my list!


Julie Wilson

USA- August 2019

I was fortunate to come across Colibrí Language School during an internet search for Spanish Schools.  I had only beginner level Spanish. I took lessons with Karla for a few months and then I planned a month long trip to San Isidro de El General.  I stayed in Karla’s adorable and newer apartment, took Spanish and cooking lessons with her, and experienced local culture.  Karla and her husband Abner helped me navigate the city as well as to many of the wonderful places nearby.  Traveling as a single female, I was somewhat nervous, but Karla put me at ease.  Karla is a very patient teacher and so full of life and love.  Abner is also a very helpful person and excellent cook!

Not only did my Spanish improve greatly, but with Karla, I was able to visit a small rural school for two days, an indigenous school and a church.  All of which had almost no English speaking people, yet I felt very prepared by Karla.  I also visited a rustic pueblo in the mountains, Nauyaca Falls, Uvita and Dominical as they are fairly close.

I found San Isidro de El General to be very safe and welcoming.  Compared to “touristy” vacations, this was much more economical, even with intensive Spanish lessons. Colibrí Language School and San Isidro de El General are off the beaten path for most tourists – a hidden gem.  I learned enough Spanish to be comfortable taking busses, taxis and Uber and just wandering around the city.  In fact, after my month of immersion and instruction, I was able to converse with most people and I have made many friends in San Isidro that I still communicate with regularly.

I would highly recommend Karla’s Spanish Immersion for anyone wanting to greatly improve their Spanish and/or have a wonderful experience of true Costa Rican culture.


Pame Guevara

USA- January 2021


Mi nombre es Pame y soy de los Estados Unidos.  I have been taking online Spanish classes with Karla for over six months now.  Karla is a wonderful teacher.  She is always prepared, patient and very knowledgable.  She has great technology skills which aids in our online lessons.  I am growing in my comfortability to understand and speak Spanish.  Karla has taken the time to get to know me and better understand where I am in the language immersion process as well as what my needs are to better inform her instruction.  Not only I am learning a new language, I am also learning about the wonderful country, Costa Rica.  Best of all, I have made a new friend in Karla.  I highly recommend taking her class.  You will learn a lot and enjoy your time together!


Tina Banks

USA-January 2021

I look forward to my weekly skype call with Colibrí Language School every week.  Talking and speaking with a native language speaker helps so much.  I also enjoy the cultural information included in the lesson each week.  The call is direct teaching to my needs and my pace of learning.  And it allows for questions and clarifications that I just can’t get anywhere else.


Jennie Hastings (Sri)

USA-January 2021

I recently moved to Costa Rica and wanted to learn Spanish. I found Karla and I’m so happy I did! She has taught me about Costa Rican culture and how to use Spanish in Costa Rica. I recommend her classes and services because you will be learning from a native of Costa Rica and a true educator.

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